EssentOptiсs announces addition of new instrumentation to the list of its optical products. On the basis of recently completed studies a new instruments, ECLAT 0417 and IRIS 0417 with an extended spectral range 380-1700 nm, are offered starting January 2011.


 EssentOptics successfully commissioned the IRIS 1017 broadband optical monitoring system in St. Petersburg, Russia


EssentOptics announces new improvements for its popular broadband AKRAoptical monitoring systems. The new improvements are realized for themodel AKRA 0450 (380-5000 nm range) and AKRA 1550 (1500-5000 nm range).


EssentOptics has completed the installation andcommissioning of the unique AKRA0450 single wavelength optical monitoring system (OMS) in Russia.


EssentOptics launch the M250, а compact scanning monochromator for awide range of research and teaching applications.


EssentOptics introduces the new series of ECLAT Spectrophotometers for fast and accurate measurements of optical parts with coatings in the laboratory and industrial applications. The new spectrophotometrs are designed as low-cost, routine platforms with a focus on productivity and ease of use.


Time to prepare Christmas gifts! EssentOptics announces special Christmas offers on the AKRA and IRIS optical monitoring systems.


EssentOptics Ltd, a developer and manufacturer of optical instrumentation, announces the launch of its web site www.essentoptics.com.