LINZA 150 Spectrophotometer for Lenses and Lens Assemblies

The LINZA 150 spectrophotometer is designed for broadband transmittance and reflectance measurement of lenses and lens assemblies (objectives), adding a whole new dimension to your optical metrology capabilities.

Indeed, lenses come in vast variety of sizes and shapes which makes them extremely difficult to measure. Given the inherent challenges in measuring transmittance or reflectance on lenses, optical engineers often need to combine data from a several witness samples in order to tease out basic details about optical performance of a lens. However, due to the nature of any deposition technology, the coating on lenses differs from that on the witness sample. Even more insurmountable barrier is the need to measure the off-axis performance of the optical lens .

With LINZA 150, you get transmission data on axis and reflection data at any point of the lens surface, fully unattended. This ensures that only perfect lenses with perfect coatings are delivered to customers and approved for lens assemblies. This valuable data also helps our customers to backward analyze and improve their deposition technology.

LINZA 150 Spectrophotometer is also a great instrument for your QA/QC lab ensuring that lenses from your supplier do meet your specs. The instrument is perfectly suited for both routine lens measurements and sophisticated improvement of lens coating technology.

The following product features are found only in LINZA 150 Spectrophotometers and help our customers measure the coatings on lenses and lens assemblies successfully:

  • Fast on-axis transmittance measurement of individual convex/concave lenses 
  • Fast on-axis transmittance measurement of lens assemblies (objectives) with maximum objective length of 240,0 mm
  • Unattended on-axis and off-axis reflectance measurement of individual lenses providing measurement data virtually from any area on lens surface (both convex and concave). Ideal for fine-tuning of deposition technology used to produce coatings on lenses

Main product specifications:

  • Spectral wavelength ranges: 380 - 1700 nm and 190 - 1700 nm
  • Range of lens radiuses for reflectance measurement: from -15,0 mm to ∞ , and from +15,0 mm to ∞
  • Range of focal lengths of lenses and objectives for transmittance measurements: -20,0 mm ... ∞ ... +20,0 mm
  • Maximum lens diameter: 150,0 mm for transmittance measurement, 90,0 mm for reflectance measurement
  • Minimum lens diameter: 10,0 mm
  • Maximum lens weight (reflectance measurement): 0.5 kg
LINZA Spectrophotometer. Product Configuration
MODEL 0217 0417



Photometric functions %T, %R
Effective wavelength range, nm 185 - 1700 380 - 1700
Optical scheme of monochromator Czerny-Turner
Optics Mirror, Al + SiO2, Al + MgF2
Reference channel Yes
Wavelength scanning speed, nm / min 3000 (at 5 wavelength sampling pitch)
Spot size on measured sample, mm

Transmittance: 6,0 x 5,5 mm

Reflectance: 1,0 x 1,0 mm

Wavelength sampling pitch, nm 0,5 - 100

Ultimate spectral resolution, nm

185 (380) - 990 nm

990 - 1700 nm







Wavelength accuracy, nm 0,5
Wavelength repeat accuracy, nm + / - 0,25
Scattered light level, % max (@ 532 nm) < 0,1
Photometric accuracy

NIST SRM 930: +/- 0,003 Abs (1Abs)

NIST SRM 1930: +/- 0,003 Abs (0,33 Abs); +/- 0,006 Abs (2 Abs)

Photometric repeat accuracy

NIST SRM 930: +/- 0,0006 Abs (1Abs)

NIST SRM 1930: +/- 0,0002 Abs (0,33 Abs); +/- 0,005 Abs (2 Abs)

Determined using 0,1 second accumulation, maximum deviation for 10 subsequent measurements

Stability of baseline (UV-VIS), % / hour < 0,1
Light sources Deuterium lamp, Halogen lamp, HgAr wavelength calibration verification lamp Halogen lamp, HgAr wavelength calibration verification lamp


Lens diameter, mm

Trasmittance: 10 - 150 mm

Reflectance: 10 - 90 mm (self-centering lens mount)

10 - 115 mm (customized lens holder)

Reflectance measurement 

Lens radius:

∞  ... - 15 mm ... / + 15 mm ... ∞

Transmittance measurement

Focal length of the measured sample:

∞ ... - 20 mm / + 20 mm ... ∞

End to end maximum length of the lens assembly, mm 240
Sampling pitch for determination of measurement point on lens surface (off-axis reflectance measurement), mm 0,01
Angle of incidence (on-axis / off-axis reflectance measurement), deg 12



USB 2.0

Power consumption, Watt


Power input

110-220 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Width x Depth x Height, mm

680 x 440 x 360 (26 3/4" x 17 1/3" x 14 1/5")

Net weight, kg (lbs)

50 (110)

The LINZA 150 spectrophotometers are designed to measure coatings on lenses.

This is one of the most challanging tesing procedures due to vast variety of lenses used today.  As a result, optical experts traditionally evaluate the performance of coatings using witness samples from the each coating batch. The imperfection of this method lies in the difference in the optical characteristics of the witness sample and the lens. In addition, such verification method cannot be used at all to quantify the coating uniformity on the lens' surface. 

The LINZA 150 spectrophotometer successfully addresses both issues and offers a solution for direct UV-VIS-NIR measurement of convex, concave and cylindrical lenses both on-axis and off-axis. Just look at the examples below and learn more about the LINZA 150 unmatched capabilities to measure transmittance and reflectance on spherical surfaces.