EssentOptics is deservedly considered as one of the world's leading manufacturers of tesing instruments for optical coating industry. 

We strongly believe that you can produce better only when you measure. 

Whether you need to measure seamlessly from UV to MWIR, run high-accuracy batch polarization measurements at low/high angles of incidence, carefully take the beam off-set into acccount for angular-dependent tranamittance measurements, or calculate complex refractive index for your single layer coating - our PHOTON RT spectrophotometer is the all-in-one tool for fast, unattended and precise testing of your flat optics.

EssentOptics is also pioneering the cutting-edge measurement technology with its LINZA 150 spectrophotometer - the world's first instrument developed to test coatings on lenses. LINZA 150 is designed to dramatically ease the challenges facing measurement of lenses. Powered with keen-eyed detectors and unique VarioDrive automatic on-axis/off-axis reflectance measurement technology, our LINZA 150 offers a balanced combination of operation simplicity, measurement accuracy and style.