KBTEM-OMO Optical Research Enterprise has been actively using our PHOTON RT scanning spectrophotometer to measure optics almost for one year. Their recent review on product features and obtained results is added to the site.


EssentOptics is expanding its international presence through a new distribution agreements with Indeco, Inc (Japan), and VM-TIM (Germany)


Photon RT spectrophotometer from EssentOptics wins Laser Association 2012 Award


 Photon RT spectrophotometer from EssentOptics is awarded "The Best Innovative Product" medal.


EssentOptics will take part in the 7th International Forum on Optical Devices and Technologies "OPTICS-EXPO 2011" to be held during October 25-28 in All Russia Exhibition Center in Moscow.


EssentOptics has received three orders for its latest PHOTON RT research-grade spectrophotometer from customers in Russia and Belarus


New May 2011 Application Note presents customer results of deposition of IR interference filters using IRIS 1017 spectral optical monitoring system.


Optical companies in St. Petersburg and Stavropol choose AKRA IR optical monitoring systems and ECLAT fast spectrophotometers for processs control.


EssentOptics announces new installations of its advanced AKRA IR Optical Monitoring Systems to control the deposition of multilayer optical coatings. A new AKRA 1550 system was commissioned recently at "Sapphire" (Moscow, Russia).


EssentOptics commissioned new AKRA 0450 single wavelength optical monitoring system in Smolensk, Russia