EssentOptics sets new benchmark performance record with its new PHOTON RT spectrophotometer

EssentOptics announces new benchmark performance reсord with its new generation PHOTON RT spectrophotometer.

The deeply refined PHOTON RT spectrophotometer signifies EssentOptics' commitment to provide the best possible thin film metrology solutions to optical experts. The new PHOTON RT features the world-record 185-5200 nm wavelength range available in a single instrument and ensures both excellent measurement of laser-quality and tight-spec coatings in UV-VIS-NIR range and meaningful tests of IR coatings. 

The instrument has been developed through extensive research and insighting with coating experts worldwide. The dispersive spectrophotometer sets record in measurement of complex cemented prisms offering a built-in capability to test samples with arbitrary direction and unprecedented +/- 60 mm off-set of outgoing beams. Additionally, users can measure beamsplitter cubes for transmittance and absolute specular reflectance at variable angles of incidence seamlessly both clockwise and counterclockwise. These unique features were specifically designed to meet new design trends in AR and VR devices.

A set of new auto-detect motorized stages attest to the superior flexibility and efficiency that is highly appreciated by our customers, can be achieved only by using the PHOTON RT spectrophotometer, and extend EssentOptics' consistent focus on the industry needs.

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