PHOTON RT UV-VIS-MWIR Spectrophotometers for Coaters


  • World's first spectrophotometer designed for optical coaters
  • World's only instrument to feature UV-MWIR (220-5200 nm) polarization measurement capability, a unique opportunity offering deeper insight into real performance of optical coatings

The PHOTON RT UV-VIS-MWIR scanning spectrophotometer is designed specifically for unattended measurement of optical samples with coatings. The instrument is produced in six configurations relative to the effective wavelength range - from 185 nm up to 5200 nm.


  • More than 10 times faster measurement compared to other tools on the market
  • No need to re-calibrate the baseline after change of angle of incidence
  • Measurement of transmittance and absolute specular reflectance from the same area on the substrate – perfect for backward analyses of thin film design
  • Radically minimized human errors in the measurement process due to fully automated procedures
  • Record-wide wavelength range configurations in a single instrument: 190-4900 nm and 380-5200 nm


  • Polarizing and beamsplitters cubes, X-cubes
  • Broadband antireflective coatings
  • Laser mirrors and standard flat mirrors
  • Interference filters:
  • - Longpass
    - Shortpass
    - Dichroic
    - Multi-band coatings
  • Prisms and wedges

The following product features uniquely differentiate PHOTON RT Spectrophotometers and help our customers measure the coatings sccessfully.

  • Unique wavelength range configuration up to 190-4900 nm and 380-5200 nm
  • Build-in broadband high-contrast polarizers covering 220-5200 nm wavelength range
  • Unique polarizer configuration: S, P, S+P+(S+P)/2, Random and user-defined S:P ratio for incident beam
  • Absolute specular reflectance measurement (R, Rs, Rp) for 8-75 deg AOI
  • Transmittance measurement (T, Ts, Tp) for 0-75 deg AOI
  • Unattended measurement and calculation of random polarization T(s+p)/2 and R(s+p)/2
  • Absorptance measurement of bare substrates
  • Built-in beam displacement compensation for angular transmittance measurement of thick samples at high angles
  • Unattended batch measurements of single and multiple samples
  • Determination of complex refractive index and layer thickness for single-layer homogeneous coatings
  • Min, Max and Average R%/T% values for user-selected wavelength range
  • Integral R and T values adjusted for Type A illumination source and spectral sensitivity of human eye
  • Optical density of the sample, 0 – 4 (D)
  • Color coordinates (CIE 1931, CIE 1964, D65/F2 illuminant sources)
  • Batch measurements
  • Advanced software features – Spec Report and Yield Analyses – for instant quantitative and qualitative evaluation of measured coatings (narrow bandpass filters, cut-off filters)

PHOTON RT Multifunctional Spectrophotometer. Technical Specifications

Parameter Value / Decription
Optical Design Czerny-Turner
Optics of Monochromator Mirror, Al+SiO2 / MgF2 coating
Reference Channel Yes
Wavelength sampling pitch, nm 0,25 to 100
Wavelength scanning speed, nm/min 3 000 (at 5 nm wavelength sampling pitch)
Spot size, mm 6х2
Photomentric Functions %T, %R
Variable angle measurement

Transmittance: 0˚ - 75˚ AOI

Specular reflectance: 8˚ - 75˚ AOI

Tuning pitch angle of sample stage 0,01˚
Tuning pitch angle of photodetector 0,01˚
Effective wavelength range, nm
(configuration options)
185-1700, 185-3500, 190-4900, 380-1700, 380-3500, 380-5200

Ultimate spectral resolution, nm 
185/190 - 990 nm 
990 - 2450 nm
2450 - 4900/5200 nm

Wavelength accuracy, nm Up to +/- 0,24
Wavelength repeat accuracy, nm Up to +/- 0,12
Scattered light level % (@ 532 nm) < 0,2
Angle of beam divergence +/-1˚
Photometric accuracy
NIST SRM 930: +/- 0,003 Abs (1 Abs)
NIST SRM 1930: +/-0,003 Abs (0,33 Abs), +/- 0,006 (2Abs)
Photometric repeat accuracy

NIST SRM 930: 0,0004Abs (1 Abs)
NIST SRM 1930: 0,0001 Abs (0,33 Abs), 0,005 (2Abs)

Determined using 0,1 second accumulation, maximum deviator for 10 subsequent measurements

Stability of baseline (VIS), %/hour  0,1 (1 hour warm-up time)
Light sources Halogen lamp, Deuterium lamp, IR source

Built-In Polarizers

380-2200 nm, 220-2200 nm, 220-4900 nm, 380-5200 nm

S, P, S+P+(S+P)/2, Random, user-defined S:P ratio for incident beam

Sample table For measuring reflection and transmission of plane samples larger than 12x10 mm
Independent setting Independent positioning for the sample table and photodetectors unit
Synchronized setting Synchronized positioning for the sample table and photodetectors unit depending on the mode of measurement (%R, %T).
Size of samples For angles of incidence less than 10 deg. - larger than 12х10 mm
For angles of incidence 10-75 deg - larger than 12х25 mm
Maximum samples dimension with closed lit – up to Ø120mm
Digital interface USB 2.0
Power consumption, VA 110
Power mains AC 100/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions Width x Depth x Height, mm (inch) 420 x 610 x 270 (16.5” x 24” x 10.5”)
Net weight, kg 45 (99 lbs)
Scope of supply PHOTON RT Spectrophotometer, PBS cube stage, Operation manual, USB cable, power cable, Software package, spare halogen lamps.
* measured at optimum signal/noise ratio

PHOTON RT spectrophotometers feature tailored measuring capabilities that fully meet the most stringent requirements for testing of optial coatings.

Whether you measure polarization cubes or highly reflective mirrors, narrow-band filters or thin film polarizers, plan routine or sophisticated measurements in the UV, VIS or even IR up to 5 μm under any incident angles - PHOTON RT spectrophotometer is undoubtedly the best instrument for you.

We strongly believe that you cannot produce any better than you measure. Just look at the examples below. This is only a small part of features that make our PHOTON RT a product of choice by optical experts worldwide.