EssentOptics has received CE mark for the PHOTON RT Spectrophotometers

EssentOptics Ltd, a leading developer of innovative test and measurement instruments for optical coating industry, has received CE mark for the PHOTON RT spectrophotometers, a unique metrology tool designed for coating experts.

Testing of modern optical coatings involves accurate handling of parts and their placement into the measurement compartment of the metrology instrument. With PHOTON RT spectrophototmeters, our customers benefit from incomparably faster, safer and more accurate variable angle and polarization dependent measurements of virtually any optical coatings produced today.

"Our spectrophotometers are designed by optical engineers for optical engineers. We have no doubt that coating specifications can be confirmed only with accurate measurements. Therefore, our initial goal was to design an instrument that has all features needed by coating engineers, performs all measurements fully unattended and at the same time excludes the use of any costly fixtures or accessories. In addition, we have consistently invested in the development of a family of instruments covering 185 - 5200 nm wavelength range. This was a clear challenge not addressed by any other company before. EssentOptics is the only provider of such solution on the market today", said Konstantin Krivetski, deputy director for R&D at EssentOptics.

Acquiring the CE marking approval for the PHOTON RT spectrophototmeters is part of the corporate strategy to expand and strengthen the presence of the Company in the world markets.

"We see a significant quantitative and qualitative interest in our thin film measurement technologies from European customers. The CE certificate, together with the established European office and distributor network, allows us to continue serving successfully our customers in Europe", said Taras Lisouski, director of EssentOptics.