IRIS Broadband Optical Monitoring Systems

The IRIS Broadband Optical Monitoring Systems (BOM) represent the most advanced solution for control of vacuum deposition systems. IRIS systems are designed to control the transmission or reflection spectra, and allow for layer-by-layer correction of the thin film coating.

The system is based on EOS low noise and precision spectrometer designed by EssentOptics. The system comes with a robust software package for measuring optical performance and visualization of measurement process on the system’s display.

The IRIS system can be configured to operate within a wide spectral range from 190 nm up to 2450 nm. The application of IRIS BOM system provides for accurate control of layer growth during the deposition process, allowing the coating engineer to observe the change of the spectral curve for each layer in real time.

The  system is successfully used to measure both reflection and transmission. The control signal can be generated from the the test glass or from the sample located directly on the calotte. Additionally, the target layers can be uploaded and displayed on the process screen – the option is essential for comparing the calculated and actual values and interrupt the deposition process once the desired value is reached.

The installation of the IRIS Broadband Optical Monitoring Systems requires no modifications to vacuum system in most cases. The set of supplies includes all necessary connection flanges, fiber cables, and elements that are designed for fast commissioning and easy servicing.

The IRIS Broadband Optical Monitoring Systems from EssentOptics represent an affordable, reliable and convenient solution addressing the challenges of obtaining the high-quality optical coatings.

The application of the IRIS Broadband Optical Monitoring Systems (BBM) from EssentOptics provides a significant improvement in quality indicators for deposition of complex multilayer optical coatings, including those with non-quarter-wavelength design and coating with multiple control wavelengths.