AKRA Monochromatic Optical Monitoring Systems

The AKRA Monochromatic Optical Monitoring Systems are designed to measure transmission and/or reflection of optical coatings during the vacuum deposition process. The system is based on the originally-designed monochromator and control software for visualization of the measurement process on the system’s control display.


The system can be chosen to operate within a wide spectral range: 200-1100 nm, 200-1700 nm, 380-1100 nm, 380-1700 nm, 380-2600 nm, 1,5-5 um. The AKRA system allows accurate control of layer growth on any one selected wavelength  as well as a full broadband scan after completion of the each layer. Additionally, the theoretical spectra of each layer can be uploaded to the system’s software and displayed on the screen – this option is very helpful for comparing the calculated and actual values and termination of the deposition process once the desired value is achieved.

The installation of the AKRA Systems requires no modifications to the vacuum chamber in most cases. The set of supply includes all necessary connection flanges and components designed to fit into majority of the vacuum coaters.

Application of the AKRA Optical Monitoring System provides a significant improvement of quality indicators of complex multi-layer optical coatings in the broadest range of control. An important advantage of AKRA systems is a reduction of manual operations during the deposition process.

The transition to the new system is easy and quick for engineers who have experience with standard optical monitoring systems based on the monochromator since the AKRA system is also utilizes a monochromator as a spectrum separation instrument.

Accurate and real-time display of the changing value of the transmission or reflection, as well as the ability to scan the entire spectrum after deposition of each layer significantly increases the process and product yield, and almost eliminates the need for trial runs.

The AKRA system is an affordable yet accurate instrument for optical coating professionals focused on reducing the rate of failed processes, lowering the costs for the development of new coatings, and increasing the repeatability of the successful deposition runs.

The AKRA Monochromatic Optical Monitoring Systems represent an affordable, reliable and convenient solution addressing the challenges of obtaining the high-quality optical coatings from UV to IR.