EssentOptics presents new XY-MZF motorized stage for spectral measurements of multi-zone filters

New XY-MZF stage for spectral measurement of multi-zone filters

Rapid growth and availability of Earth observation and remote sensing technologies has given rise to a growing number of companies offering state-of-the-art, tailored thin film optical coatings for these applications. Such coatings usually separate different zones from visible to short wave infrared spectral region. Multilayer thin film stacks are deposited to select channels and spatially distribute them on the substrate. Final products are always customized for size, spectral performance, and number, size, and location of zones to address various customer needs.

Verification of spectra performance of the finished multi-zone filters represents a true metrology challenge. Individual zones can have a width of less than 1.0 mm, so a very narrow beam spot must be used to attest such a zone. The layout of zones is customer-specific. There is no “one-size-fits-all” design, so each measurement process shall be carefully developed in advance. The filter size can also vary depending on the mating array. Some of them need to pass quality control not just in the center of each zone, but also close to the filter edges.

The typical measurement of muti-zone filters is accompanied by significant losses of time, numerous manual manipulations, and potentially inaccurate measurements.

EssentOptics has developed the XY-MZF motorized stage, focusing specifically on fast, unattended, and high-quality spectral measurements of multi-zone filters, as well as linear variable filters (both continuously variable and step variable filters).

The stage can accept substrates with a size up to 50.0 x 40.0 mm. The width of an individual filter zone can be as small as 0.7 mm. The number of zones per each filter is not limited. Computer-controlled XY mapping helps measuring virtually any part of the individual zone. Zone detection and zone measurement are both performed in one run.

The XY-MZF stage is used together with the PHOTON RT spectrophotometer.

PHOTON RT spectrophotometer is the only instrument on the market designed specifically for UV-VIS-MWIR spectral measurements of thin films deposited on flats. It features unique ''wish list" capabiltiies including low-noise measurements of transmittance and absoute specular reflectance, unattended variable angle and broadband polarization dependent measurements, built-in automatic beam off-set adjustment, and measurement of complex prisms.