We will become one of the leading companies offering research-grade spectrophotometers for coaters, combining high accuracy, multi-functionality and long-term reliability. We also strive to become one of the the best company providing solutions for thin film testing and optical monitoring of the vacuum deposition of the thin film coatings. 

EssentOptics follow two important elements in the implementation of our strategy and hope that you also join us in achieving the best result.

Listen and Hear

That is how we build cooperation with our customers. Our customers usually do not buy just spectrometer or monochromator from us. In all cases they turn to us for a solution that will improve their company’s products or services and eventually their offering to the market. We have skills and resources to understand our partners’ needs. EssentOptics also possess sufficient technological and manufacturing expertise to transform ideas into effective solutions. Our engineers study customers' feedback and application reports to accommodate fresh ideas into new products or improving the existing ones.

The pleasure of working

Our optical instruments are not only a successful combination of sophisticated components, expertise and innovative solutions. They, above all, ensure confidence of our customers in obtaining accurate measurement results and satisfaction from a predictable performance of our products. And for us, each of our products means a constant search for the best solution together with optical professionals worldwide.

We do more than we promise. Our instruments do more than you expect from them.