LINZA 150 Spectrophotometer for Lenses and Lens Assemblies

EssentOptics introduce the world-first LINZA 150 spectrophotometer to measure lenses and lens assemblies


LINZA 150 spectrophotometer is designed for broadband transmittance and reflectance measurement of lenses and lens assemblies (objectives) ensuring that only perfect lenses are approved, delivered to customers or meet specs provided to your lens supplier.

The instrument is perfectly suited for both routine lens measurements and sophisticated improvement of lens production technology:

  • Fast on-axis transmittance measurement of individual convex/concave lenses
  • Fast on-axis transmittance measurement of lens assemblies (objectives)
  • Unattended on-axis and off-axis reflectance measurement of individual lenses providing measurement data virtually from any area on lens surface (both convex and concave). Ideal for fine-tuning of deposition technology used to produce coatings on lenses

LINZA 150 Measurement Capabilities:

  • Spectral wavelength ranges: 380 - 1700 nm, 190 - 1700 nm, 190 - 3500 nm, 380 - 3500 nm
  • Range of lens radiuses: from -15 mm to ∞ , and from +15 mm to ∞
  • Maximum lens diameter: 150 mm for transmittance measurement, and 100 mm for reflectance measurement
  • Minimum lens diameter: 10 mm
  • Maximum lens weight (reflectance measurement): 0.5 kg

LINZA 150 Unique Features and Capabilities:

  • Reflectance measurement on any area of lens surface (with unattended off-axis lens tilt up to 60 degrees)
  • On-axis transmittance measurement of lens assemblies with maximum objective length of 240 mm

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