EssentOptics will demonstrate its latest product developments at Photonics 2013 in Moscow

Russia's largest exhibition for laser and optical technology "Photonics. Lasers and Optics 2013" will be held during March 25-27, 2013 at the "Expocentre" Exhibition Complex, Moscow, Russia.

Photonics Moscow exhibition traditionally attracts great interest from specialists and experts in photonics. It provides the possibility for almost 150 leading companies from 12 countries to present their breakthrough innovations and achievements.

EssentOptics will showcase its latest developments in measurement of optics and real-time thin film deposition process control.

The upgraded PHOTON RT UV-VIS-NIR scanning spectrophotometer will be demonstrated at EssentOptics booth. Being designed as reliable, convenient and specialized instrument for measuring optical characteristics of parts with coatings, it enjoys great interest as the only spectrophotometer focused exclusively on optical measurements. It offers 190-4000 nm measurement range for absolute reflectance, transmittance and polarization-dependent measurements in its top configuration. At the request of our customers, the PHOTON RT spectrophotometer will be showcased with a new feature - a compensation mechanism for parallel displacement of the beam. The displacement normally occurs during transmittance measurement of thick samples at different angles. Visitors of our booth are welcomed to bring optical parts with coatings, run measurements by themselves and evaluate the convenience of PHOTON RT operation.

Our IRIS true broadband optical monitoring system will be also presented for our visitors. The IRIS systems are designed as a real-time monitoring solution for transmittance and reflectance spectra during thin film deposition in UV, visible and IR range. Being widely used for R&D and full scale production of sophisticated non-QW coatings for space, laser, medical and night vision instrumentation, the IRIS systems are currently the most advanced and affordable instrument both for retrofitted vacuum coaters and for newly built deposition plants.

The MultiSpectrum thin film calculation software is supplied as standard with our AKRA and IRIS optical monitoring systems. For the coming Photonics Moscow 2013 show the software tool will be demonstrated with a new  feature developed for simulation of monochromator-based single wavelength optical monitoring process. Newly designed solution will enable coating experts to develop the deposition strategy and define individual control wavlengths for each layer before the actual coating run. This approach will reduce testing and production time, decrease costs and provide for high process yeild.

We kindly invite you to visit our Booth No. 71B17. The exhibition will last only three days!

In case of having any ideas, questions or discussion topics that may needs specific attention from us, please let us know and we will be well prepared for your visit!

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