The world’s first universal spectrophotometer specifically designed for optics - at Laser 2013 World of Photonics

EssentOptics demonstrates the world's first universal scanning spectrophotometer with a 190-4500 nm range and unattended transmittance / absolute reflectance measurement at «Laser 2013 World of Photonics» (13-16 May 2013, Munich, Germany).

Challanging optical projects do require unique spectral instruments. EssentOptics, a specialized manufacturer of optical instruments, introduces a unique configuration of its PHOTON RT universal scanning spectrophotometer focusing on for the most demanding thin film applications. Each of the newly added features - from the widest 190-4500 nm range to unattended variable angle measurement up to 75 degrees, from 220-4500 nm spectral range polarization measurement to unattended nkd determination - became possible through an intensive cooperation with our customers. The new product capabilities become available today - for the measurement needs of tomorrow.

We invite you to visit our booth #C1.226 / B shared jointly with VM-TIM, our European distributor, at the one of the world's leading Laser 2013 World of Photonics Exhibition and get familir with the most advanced developments of our company.