SOLAR LS chose PHOTON RT Scanning Spectrophotometer for its optical measurement needs

The need to measure a variety of optical components, including polarization-dependent and angle-dependent measurements in wide spectrum range, represents a fast growing necessity for many optical companies. For those of them deciding on traditional spectrophotometers, such apaproach is usually associated with expanded budgets, demand for highly competent staff and inevitable use of multiple external fixtures.

SOLAR LS, one of the leading companies in Belarus focusing on scientific research, development and manufacturing of solid-state laser systems and instruments for specral analysis, has selected the PHOTON RT scaning spectrophotometer to address their specific measurement requirements within 190-2700 nm range. In particular, the customer main needs were focused on quick and accurate measurement of multiple optical elements daily following their corporate quality control procedures. Individual measurement and calculation of S-polarizaion, P-polarization and average polarization (S+P)/2 was an additional requirements from SOLAR LS.