EssentOptics demonstrated its breakthrough PHOTON RT Universal Scanning Spectrophotometer in Japan

EssentOptics demonstrated its breakthrough PHOTON RT Universal Scanning Spectrophotometer in Japan.

EssentOptics participated in the InterOpto 2013 - the leading Japanese exhibition on optics, lasers and optical technologies during October 16-18, 2013. The demonstration of EssentOptics technologies was successfully realized through a close partnership with Indeco, Inc, our authorized distributor in Japan.

The InterOpto 2013 exhibition was held in one of the largest exhibition centers in Japan, Pacifico Yokohama, and is considered as one of the worlds-leading events in photonics industry already for several decades. Mainly for this reason the InterOpto 2013 show was chosen for introduction and real time demonstrations of PHOTON RT Universal Scaning Spectrophotometer.

A team of EssentOptics experts have prepared the instrument featuring our latest and most advanced achievements. Great interest of the booth visitors was focused expecially on those features not found in any other single instrument on the market - impressive 190-4500 nm wavelength range, "one click" variable angle and polarization dependent measurements, unattended measurement of polarizing beamsplitter cubes. Optical coating experts specifically enjoyed the built-in n.k.d. values determination feature for single layer coatings.

The greatest surprise to the customers was the fact that all of the above features are realized in a single, compact and easy to use instrument, and do not require any aditional accessories or attachements. Several representatives of the Japanese optical companies offered their optical samples for measurements directly at the booth, performed measurements themselves and very much liked the amazing simplicity of the instrument.

For a large number of our present customers these features have already become an industry standard for optical measurement.

We invite all our current and future partners to visit our booth at the coming OpticsExpo-2013 exhibition which will be held during November 12-15, 2013 at the VVC Exhibition Centre, Hall 20 (Moscow, Russia). EssentOptics will demonstarte its PHOTON RT spectrophotometer with new and improved features - beam displacement compensation system and improved interface. The demonstrated instrument will be fully functional to run measurement within 190-4500 nm range directly at the booth!.

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