EssentOptics successfully commission PHOTON RT spectrophotometer at TOPTEC

EssentOptics is proud to announce successful commissioning of PHOTON RT spectrophotometer at TOPTEC.

Modern multilayer coatings are characterized with tight specs, and are widely used to optimize the reflection/transmission ratio for a specific wavelength and angle of incidence or to optimize it over a specific range of conditions.

The PHOTON RT spectrophotometer was selected by the TOPTEC meeting the requirement for fast and trustful measurements of high precision optics with coatings in visible and mid-wave infrared wavelength range. With extensive knowledge in crystal and X-Ray optics, aspheric and adaptive optics, as well as thin film design and production, TOPTEC is now powered with PHOTON RT to perform multiple unattended measurements at variable angles and polarizations. The instrument's capability to perform all transmittance/reflectance measurements on the same area of the substrate will also help TOPTEC to run backward analyses of produced coatings against thin film design.

TOPTEC is the Regional Centre for Special Optics and Optoelectronic Systems located in Turnov, Czech Republic. Presently, the TOPTEC Centre is the only R&D facility that focuses on ultra-precision and special optics in the Czech Republic. The center possess vast expertise and competences in the field of aspheric and free-form optics, precision measurement and application of the results in the industrial sector serving worldwide customers. The TOPTEC participates in many projects organized by both international (European Space Agency - ESA, European Southern Observatory - ESO etc.) and Czech providers (Aerospace Research and Test Establishment, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, Czech Science Foundation, Ministry of Interior CR, Ministry of Culture CR etc.).

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About EssentOptics:
EssentOptics is manufacturer of PHOTON RT spectrophotometers for optical coaters.

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